Francisco Velasco Zapata

Hello! I am strategy designer and open innovation facilitator, specialised on the use of agile and human-centric approaches to develop remarkable products, services and policies, as well as facilitating cultural change on people and organisations. I am a seasoned in scrum/agile management, business and strategy design, qualitative and quantitative research, creative-thinking, digital transformation, cultural change, technology acquisition, IP portfolio management, technology transfer, R&D, strategic partnership, R&D tax and funding management, as well as ocasional investor in several startups.

I currently work as Managing Partner at the Open Innovation Community (OIC), with the amazing vision of building a collective intelligence community able to provide tailored solutions to digital and strategic transformation proceses in all kind of organisations. I am also elected President at the Licensing Executives Society which aims to promote best practices on Intellectual Property management and Technology Transfer worldwide.



  • MBA Technology Management (2012)
  • MSc (by Research) Aerospace Engineering (2003)
  • BEng (Honours) Mechanical Engineering (2002)