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Welcome OIC!

Ohhh, I see (OIC) … .. With this acronym is born the Open Innovation Community, a new initiative in the field of design and open innovation full of innovative concepts, and which I have the pleasure to be part of now . This community has the vision of democratising innovation through people empowerment, which refers […]

The Railway Innovation Hub: a new Open Innovation initiative with no precedents!

An interesting new global initiative has emerged to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across the railway sector and industries alike worldwide, with its neural operation center based in the Andalucía Technology Park (Malaga, Spain). The newborn “Railway Innovation Hub”, is the result of jointed efforts across some of the key leading corporations in Spain representing the […]

Research expenditure by top innovators, compared to Spain

This post reviews the R&D investment among the top-10 most innovative economies in the world according the Global Innovation Index or GII (Cornell University, INSEAD, & WIPO, 2017), in comparison to Spain. For the purpose of visualising the innovation index for each country, the GII ranking has been included alongside each country´s name in all […]

Mediocre management kills productivity

Many countries, such as Spain, has long suffered from very low productivity in comparison with other states in leading positions; there are many factors affecting productivity, and besides macroeconomics causes, this post focuses on “management” as a critical one. The management quality of many CEOs and senior executives in certain countries is still characterised by […]