Francisco Velasco

Digital Transformation & Open Innovation

My name is Francisco Velasco, I am a strategic innovation advisor with an engineering and business management background. I believe in the value of innovation as a key tool for economic development and to make a positive impact in society.

I graduated as Industrial/Mechanical Engineer in 2002, and as Master of Science in R&D in 2003. Then, I worked as a Research Officer at the Jost Institute for Tribotechnology (University of Central Lancashire until 2007, managing R&D projects on the use of solid coatings for applications in the automotive, aerospace, consumer and other markets). From 2007 – 2012 I worked in several innovation consulting firms, preparing bids for European and Spanish R&D funding programmes, developing strategic innovation plans for SMEs, conducting market research studies, and advising over 100 companies in the application of R&D tax credits. From 2012 – 2018 I worked for KIM and MRI-International, taking responsibility for the launch and operation of the Madrid and Chile offices of the company, and managing projects related to technology transfer, intellectual property strategy, commercialisation of technologies, qualitative research for technology market fit validation, and the design of national and regional government programmes to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

In 2018 I founded Open Innovation Community (OIC), an amazing initiative merging the best from an advisory firm and a collective intelligence network, to connect professionals in the field of innovation and design and offer unique and tailored servicies on innovation management, strategic consulting and product/service design.