Welcome OIC!

Ohhh, I see (OIC) … .. With this acronym is born the Open Innovation Community, a new initiative in the field of design and open innovation full of innovative concepts, and which I have the pleasure to be part of now .

This community has the vision of democratising innovation through people empowerment, which refers to making innovation more extensive to all companies by unifying effort by a growing community members, primarily formed by strategists, creative thinkers, designers, anthropologists, marketing and communication people and other.

The initiative is based on the premise that we failed to achieve a better distribution of R&D power and accomplishment through the whole business ecosystem. For instance, corporate R&D expenditure in Spain was 7,159 M€ in 2016, and 35% of such expenditure was made by only 7 companies (Telefónica, Amadeus, Grifols, Iberdrola, Acciona, Indra and Repsol). Having a closer look to this data, and according to the Global Innovation Index, Spain is placed in the 30th position in the world ranking of gross domestic expenditure in R&D (with 0.64% of GDP, equivalent to 7,159 M €); however, this country is ranked as the 13th country with greatest R&D investment by its 3-top corporate investors (which means a total of 1,008 M€ investment, which represents 16% of the total business expenditure in Spain). These data shows a clear gap that needs to be covered if we want to improve the productive model and work on projects with greater impact to people.

I encourage you to join the community through either as Observer or Ambassador, or you can also try the beta-version in Spanish if you are a business willing to request an InnoAmbassador to help you managing change and innovation from a holistic perspective.